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Friday, October 30, 2009

punk revival

nearly 10 years ago
when i was in high school
my friend bought a pair of creepers
to me, at that time, i had no idea there is something in the world soooo edgy!!
my friend is my truly enlightening mentor of fashion, ha!
she introduced me to punk, rock and lolita, andddd from that time onwards i become a fan of b&w.
i spent a sum of money at that time for and , still keeping them!

cutie 10-2009, kera 11-2009

punk rock trend has revived since last year
from gladiator sandals i think
although it is not directly related

and recently i really want a pair of creepers!!!
so in love with them!!

and they were on runway too

Nathan Jenden 2007 Fall

Armand Basi One 2009 Fall

on bloggers too


worth investing?

2 comment:

kirstyb said...

im not too sure that i could walk in creepers but hey if you can work them, then wear em xxxxx

kelly said...

RE kirstyb,

i guess it is more or less equal to wedge? ha! try to find a lighter one then XP