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Saturday, October 31, 2009

oh babe!

i want to share with you a very cute baby i saw in flickr today
so adorable
and most importantly, she has a mom of very good skills of photography and aesthetic sense!
flickr album

she is reading Nylon!
the first pic that attracted me to keep reading the album XP

will babies become the new it. item?
to replace the boyfriend = fashion accessory thought brought by the media

Suri, the cutest celeb's child
but doesnt she need more naiveness?
she looks cute, but she thinks like an adult, i believe

Lourdes, the coolest celeb's child?
i guess so, who can beat Madonna?

i feel lucky to be born in the 80s
the world was much more naive and simpler
although you may think the children now enjoy more cool stuffs

2 comment:

Ashley said...

Lourdes is one cool little chick.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I was born in the eighties - effectively experienced the 90ies as a teenager and now yea twenties and enjoying all the perks of the 21st Century.