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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

mcqueen is more than anything

i know i haven't been posting SS2010 runway shows for a long time
school work is heavy...
however, it is crazily impossible not to look at the show of Alexander Mcqueen
(i know i m late here, ha)
the forever genius
o no, this video is fabulous

you can see the softness of the fabric when it moves
how fit are they merging the models
but the figure and texture remind strong and powerful
i still think it looks a bit like starwar princess
although mcq was inspired by darwin
(darwin should be very pleased in heaven when he knows this!!!)
the colour, snake skin mutation and transformation of colours
and not to mention the elegant emergence of the "corn-like" beadings
they are totally insanely beautiful

snake skin transformation

corn-like beadings

star war princess?

everyone wants to get one, yes, one is ok, a pair is not defy! ha!
although it is not wearable, to me
but no one is not happy having one as sculpture at home, right?
oh, they tragger me to rush to learn ceramics
wouldn't it be fun to make crazy shoes out of ceramics? yada!!

this reminds me of "architecture facade"

melting, black has a clearer effect

the titantic


full show here!

6 comment:

becca. said...

mcqueens collection is amazing.
i adore the patterns :)
lovely blog :)

SAUVAGE said...

I have no words for how amazing the mqueen show was! the shoes are probably impossible to walk in, but if I had them I would make it work!

ryder said...

the show was brilliant! the beginig of the show, well i died. the styling... did you see how many girls where there? it seemed like he casted every model in the world! like 1 000 of them. brilliant.

10.15, saturday night said...

McQueen was my favourite show, it blew me away.


kelly said...

RE becca,
yes! snake skin is my fav. these two years.. more than leopard now.

RE sauvage,
but even the models walk like robot... i think i will break my legs in them.

RE ryder,
the opening is like performance art! and visual effect is so impressive, at the same time still very consistent with the theme, i feel so jungle in it
every model dies for mcq, no problem for the casting, ha!

RE 1015,
ya, truly brilliant this season!

Kitsch said...

McQueens collection is brilliant.