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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

jak & jil @ hk

recent campaign of lane crawford invited tommy ton from jak & jil for some street shots
i do feel funny when i see the backdrop of the shots is hk scenes, so familiar to me
it seems so chic to have hk be the backdrop, it is kinda surreal(!) to have the nicely dressed lady in front of some noisy and busy occasions.

however, it is such a SHAME! why 99% of the stylish shots are of non-chinese? is it so hard to find one chic hk gal/guy on street? the place is cwb and central as i can see from the pics, shouldn't be that hard to find one right? this is really annoying me, someone please explains! i believe this will disgrace hk, no kidding.

Monday, September 28, 2009


waiting for the winter

i have to have this for the winter
and again
i m in love with lace recently!!

Karl Lagerfeld 07 SS

dont know if it is hard to sew...

Friday, September 25, 2009

catching up tv shows

RZ project S2E4

the 12th year

dine with my girlfriends
this is the 12th year since we've met
whenever we 5 meet up
i feel like i am back to high school
i can't imagine what will it be when we get older
but i am looking forward to it

\grey tee, bershka dress, oxford laced shoes, vintage bag\

Thursday, September 24, 2009

interesting monotone

the straps, layering, stretching, crossing
never be applicable on me - fat & short...
(see thru see thru, i love u!!!)

meadham kirchhoff

this is somehow mmm - todd lynn

pringle of scotland

snack skin, my fav.! more than leopard now :]]

i really want a cool coat this winter

fresh fresh burberry porsum

this apple green is really killing me!! i want it right now!!!

a vintage brown leather belt is always a must have item

disappointed, dont u?

house of holland
i like his last collection much more

i like this one v much, but it is not holland style...

really need to make a strap for my heels asap, it is too cool!!!

christopher kane, is he really so hit? or this time is a miss?
is it becoz i m too familiar with chinese style?
i think this collection is so chinese!!

what the........

a period after Qing Dynasty, around 1930s.
This kind of style was so popular in shanghai.

Luella = boring
the whole collection is so cliche.....

westwood red label, same same

dizzy but i love it :D

catching up with london fashion week :D
(actually it is so tired...)

totally falling in love with paul smith
the old man is still so innovative!

i can't figure out the cutting, so interesting

strips with floral

like the cardigan


while some big pattern appear in other brands

basso & brooke

this is totally gymnasium inspired

josh goot