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Monday, October 12, 2009

still want more shoes...

i think that i m turning into a shopaholic-escaping from work-lazy-ignoring deadline-kind of person
really not feeling happy these days

my first leather booties in a very great deal
however, shopping doesn't heal :[

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have you guys watched this?
a really good independent film
a lot of feelings rose up while watching
are people really getting more and more distant?
i don't want a world turning into such a pathetic space

the world was much better


no one lives your life but you
my latest wallpaper with abbey lee
and deadlines scheduled

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2 comment:

princetomato said...

shopping gives you instant happy, but the tonnes of work and stress seems never going away. it relee sucks

kelly said...

re josie:

yes....... and even feel more guilty afterwards with spending time not on work..