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Monday, October 05, 2009

M power

i was introduced to men in heels weeks ago from wyman's fashion column
i was shocked...
(he introduced Hang Huo Huo 韓火火, the PM of Marie Claire China)

turn out it is not such a new thing after searching online
but the hitness of it is keep rising!
meels = men + heels
mob = men + bob
megging = men + legging
how funny!

i m not a fan of it,
but sometimes
men do look good it heels, basically if the total look is not over 70% feminine.. ha!
the coolest look will be in heeled booties!
but dont give me any pointed heels look please nor sandals....

if comparing skirts and heels..
i fully support men in skirts then!
skirts can even make a man hotter i think! ya!

some Meels looks i like:

booties are good

antonella arsimendi

bill kaulitz by karl lagerfeld, awesome!

Style Singapore androgyny shots for fashion blogger carlos k. aka. voguette.


same world same dream?

2007 from marjan pejoski, who designed swan dress for bjork

looks i dont like.....................
mr. mj

the left is scary

Hang Huo Huo, meels and mob

i think he looks better with the old hair

this is super normal and cool indeed

what do you think?

more \ heels for men

6 comment:

coy colleen said...

umm WOW a little too much for me to handle. this will definitely take time to get used to but they are free to wear what they want!

kelly said...

Re: coy

ya, too much for me too! but i rather like to see one such man on street, hope to grab him for photos, ha!

Anonymous said...

I think, if done right, it could be really cute!

I'm trying to do some research on it, because today my boyfriend scowled at me and said that if I can find size 11 men's heels, he;d wear them. (I was commenting on him easily balancing on the balls of his feet for long periods of time - in a crouch, and how he'd have awesome ankle strength for heels)

In short, though, I think as long as the shoes are manned up a bit, and not just men in huge women's shoes, it looks fine. :>

Maybe I'll be lucky enough to find a nice pair of heeled boots to snag for him, aha! <3

Anonymous said...

We do not forget.
We do not forgive.
This is pure faggotry.

graeme said...

I ordered a pair of black Timberland "Springs Point" wedge boots for myself just the other day. Meels are fine for me! =P

videohead20de said...

well I think too: "men do look good it heels, basically if the total look is not over 70% feminine.. ". I like the same pics. I dont like sandals and peeptoe.
More photos and thems you can see by: