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Saturday, October 31, 2009

lagerfeld family

the family consists of karl lagerfeld, karl lagermouse and karl lagerbot

it looks so innocent! but wearing a very detailed suit!

the house of mouse
karl x tokidoki


sunlight is the key

wardrobe diary @ try and seek

necklace @ try and seek

seldom with pink on me :]
diy necklace, just wrap around my neck with fringe

oh babe!

i want to share with you a very cute baby i saw in flickr today
so adorable
and most importantly, she has a mom of very good skills of photography and aesthetic sense!
flickr album

she is reading Nylon!
the first pic that attracted me to keep reading the album XP

will babies become the new it. item?
to replace the boyfriend = fashion accessory thought brought by the media

Suri, the cutest celeb's child
but doesnt she need more naiveness?
she looks cute, but she thinks like an adult, i believe

Lourdes, the coolest celeb's child?
i guess so, who can beat Madonna?

i feel lucky to be born in the 80s
the world was much more naive and simpler
although you may think the children now enjoy more cool stuffs

Friday, October 30, 2009

punk revival

nearly 10 years ago
when i was in high school
my friend bought a pair of creepers
to me, at that time, i had no idea there is something in the world soooo edgy!!
my friend is my truly enlightening mentor of fashion, ha!
she introduced me to punk, rock and lolita, andddd from that time onwards i become a fan of b&w.
i spent a sum of money at that time for and , still keeping them!

cutie 10-2009, kera 11-2009

punk rock trend has revived since last year
from gladiator sandals i think
although it is not directly related

and recently i really want a pair of creepers!!!
so in love with them!!

and they were on runway too

Nathan Jenden 2007 Fall

Armand Basi One 2009 Fall

on bloggers too


worth investing?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

beauty or life?

there is one old slang in cantonese
which means
"you rather sacrifice your life to become beautiful"
we use it to describe people and tease them often
for example,
victoria beckham wears 6 inches heels to play with her sons, ha!

the observatory of HK has announced that
there will be NO WINTER for HK this year,
the coldest day will be around 16 degree C only...!
which equals death to whom wishing winter so much... and i m one of them..

but anyway,
we choose beauty rather than life!
thats why i will grasp all chances to wear the fur vest!!!

learn... brown w/ black

queen of fur, rz

i die!

Friday, October 23, 2009

RZ S2 E8 season finale


Thursday, October 22, 2009

faking a boot

want to do this this winter
and i can boost my number of boots to a few folds, ha!

vuitton, i always fail to match brown with black..


burberry prorsum, far from 2008 SS, but still look very chic!

can anyone tell me who she is? i see her often these days

and this is closer to the reality

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a for apple

how can i not buying a mac when my laptop dies soon?

apple magic mouse

keep going, keep legging

i think i will still wear legging until the end of the world, haha
they are the best invention!

gotta diy some to save cost :P

miu miu / diy-able

i have red and zips at home!


i want a pair of snake skin too, for a decade!

gorgeous christopher kane for topshop
too hard to diy this one.. well.. just appreciate from picture then..

Monday, October 19, 2009

breathe some fresh air

was out for site-hunting task for my work
hanging around an old district in hk - kwun tong
i was fascinated anyway,
hustle bustle and lively there
hope to create some good designs later on :D

bought a cup of juice to cheer up
carrot + apple

see, i even don't have time to remove the nail polish... sigh.....

i found a place, very secret place to take the pics, haha, funny
to clarify.. i don't have such a pair of legs... they were distorted by my 12mm lens!!!
mine are FAT + SHORT

i seldom wear big earrings, so i HAVE TO record it

\shocking pink tank, vintage top, diy necklaces, jeans, converse\

Sunday, October 18, 2009

boredom killer

i was sitting at home doing school work for 3 days already
my butt is nearly growing into the chair...

was on h&m web checking out the jimmy choo crossing over
so so
just some ordinary things
but found out the new wardrobe play there
created sth stupid but really lightened up my afternoon.

i think i can make a hoop scarf this winter, hehe

yes, i can MANIPULATE a man!