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Thursday, October 29, 2009

beauty or life?

there is one old slang in cantonese
which means
"you rather sacrifice your life to become beautiful"
we use it to describe people and tease them often
for example,
victoria beckham wears 6 inches heels to play with her sons, ha!

the observatory of HK has announced that
there will be NO WINTER for HK this year,
the coldest day will be around 16 degree C only...!
which equals death to whom wishing winter so much... and i m one of them..

but anyway,
we choose beauty rather than life!
thats why i will grasp all chances to wear the fur vest!!!

learn... brown w/ black

queen of fur, rz

i die!

4 comment:

ebys said...

Oh noo :( Is it still hot in HK now? 'Cause I was thinking of dropping by and reasoned partially for its nice weather by christmas.

kelly said...

RE ebys,

it will be around 20C next week.. but won't be very cold this winter.. we had a cold winter around 10C last year..

ebys said...

=( that's saddening. Perhaps it's the global warming effects.


Yes, probably Zoe is the furmania source...