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Thursday, December 24, 2009

the rural

sometimes i enjoy going to the rural areas
so fresh, so real

some pics from the trip to Fujian, China


be quiet, stay back



Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DIY #2 need some colours in life

i made some new accessories today
really happy to have time to do so

made my first bold necklace!
neon blue + shocking pink
(i should make it even bigger!)

another one is mickey ring
it is a copy cat, ha!
it is really interesting and i can't let myself not copying it :p

Saturday, December 12, 2009

the first time i want to have online shopping...

saw these boots in pixie market
i had an impulse to shop online
but just "want", ha!
coz i have no money at the moment...

these boots are so tailored and detailed...
loving many items from pixie market!

i tried on a pair of chloe-like boots before
but it is totally not matchy with me.... uuuhhh..

Launch my line

bravo tv launches a new fashion reality show!
did anyone watch it?
an architect is one of the candidate again!
this is so interesting
and reminds me Laurent in the past project runway
she is so elegant :>

Dsquared2 bros are the host!
this is soooo interesting!!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

santa claus is coming to town

currently listening to this
feel so warm with the christmas sound
the jingle bells in the tracks!

project runway finale

finally finish this season after my school work
(the following contains the result!)
honestly speaking,
i am not fond of this season
no one is really stunning and has a cool style
there is no stefino, no daniel, no christian, no leanne this season!

so finally irina won as expected
i like the way she presents, esp. with the various hats
black is not a problem i think so i do not agree with nina gacia
i think irina and carol hannah should mix a bit, ha!
one is too incoherent, and one lacks colour!

irina and althea just got similar taste
and irina is too mean and egoistic to think althea copies her..

some of my fave pieces

carol hannah's cape

everyone likes this right?
but too V&R after all

i always like the mixing of contrasting textures

i like weaving

i can only say COOL!

hope we can have a better season 7!

Monday, November 30, 2009

not that glowing as Oscar

saw the gowns in taiwan oscar, Golden Horse Award, today in news
really not that wow
and even boring
just can't compare it with the oscar. ha

everyone pays safe
b&w gowns are all over there
how boring!!!!

some comments below
a taiwan actress
the Lavin dress is quite nice
but she is with the wrong shoes...
i would pick up sharp colours or gold instead

another actress
i would tie up the hair
as the dress has drape

Maggie Cheng
as chic as usual!
i really like the belt, so fierce!
but she should take off one bangle, maybe the white
and tie off the sleeve
coz i think the sleeve and the belt are fighting each other
(although the asymmetric idea is quite cool)

Shu Qi
what is that on the hair?
the necklace position is so odd
i would replace with something bold
(it is Cartier and worth 7 million USD! how dare you say so! haha!!)

Li Bing Bing
she is the winner of the lead actress
ya, boring

this one is definitely my fave!
it suits the age of Kwai Lun Mei
accessories are matchy too 

Annie Liu
So old she dressed
shoes are wrong too

Lynn is the only one with sharp colour!
she can't do wrong with the perfect body
but the cutting of the gown makes her waist looks very long...

any comments?

credit \ appledaily hk

Friday, November 27, 2009

funny name - chochukmo

finally something indie in hk!!
(ya, i m anti-cantonpop person!)

an indie band named chochukmo conquered my mind lately
they rock!!
i m not a hardcore rock/punk gal, ya, i cant hold on to the noise
(that's why i have a sex pistol disc laying on my cd rack with dust..)
but i like those music with guitar and rhythm
kinda like between acoustic and rock, ya, i don't know how to describe that, ha

just check this band out
you will like it!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

oh my gold!

how can you resist these golden stuffs?
especially it is near christmas!

it is too late for me to discover this cool brand
but there is no dealer in HK!
oh my gold!!

(US$100, info from
i think my head will be chopped off if
i wear this stunning headphone out to the street!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


leopard is everyone's prey in winter!!

zara's coat

i m loving it

Monday, November 16, 2009

winter = fur and hotpot

put on my faux fur once the temperature has dropped aaaa little, ha!
this is my first time to wear a thick vest in winter
and it feels sooooo strange!
my body is getting warm and even hot
but my four limbs are cold and feeling the chilling breeze from the surroundings.
but you have to pay off to look better right? ha!

my friend and i shared a hotpot
yea, my fav., thou it is in a fast food shop
i still like hotpot more in winter while hotpot is all season cuisine in hk..

very delicious milk soup for hotpot!

\"boyfriend" shirt\faux fur vest\pvc legging\primark flat\mini copy cat birkin from amsterdam flea market\

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Instant Upgrade!

upgrade your look in 60 secs
very true!
i always use themm.... :P
\tie a scarf
\tuck in t-shirt
\roll up sleeves
\pull out
\loosen up
\roll up pants
\add a layer (this is too wide to be a trick, right?)
\bind up
\wear a vest
\wrap around (yeahhhh!! scarf is the best)

how about you gals?

credit\vogue girl\korea\oct 2009
*click to enlarge

chinese tradition goes international, lol

the difference between hong kong people and mainland chinese is that
we, the hong konger, won't squat on street
but the mainlander does
whenever they are waiting for bus, eating, resting, and pooing

i saw these pics from jak&jil
and i was totally shocked that
elegant models do so
i am losing my appetite..

Dior SS 2010 backstage

mainland tourists squatting in hong kong

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Grace rules!!

Grace is adored by many of us after "the september issue"
she is on screen again for vogue online video, "the art issue"
making of of the december issue of vogue

she is so great in making different scenario
esp liking her way to treat life moment into an elegant scene
with Lady Gaga and Cate Blanchett in the video
one shows her seriousness towards shooting and one shows her gracefulness
i really love vogue!

Friday, November 13, 2009

simple is elegant

some perfume
which i think is very simple yet elegant

Dsquared2 - wood

house of steel and wood - berlinda tato&jose luis vallejo - austria

issey miyake - a scent
the first time i see a design using the thickness to vary the volume,
how genius!

perter zumthor - art museum bregenz, austria

alexa lixfeld from hamburg  - fragrance

le corbusier - unite d'habitation - marseille

i do like collecting perfume, esp for the pretty bottles :D
issey miyake's one is in my wish list now, but it is way over budget..

i recall my perfume's criteria for purchase
scent 50%  bottle 30%  brand 10%  shopping impulse 10%
thats why i haven't buy the ck2u which i think the scent is very special to me
its bottle is way too ugly...........
thats why i think anna sui is very ridiculous in producing a few fragrance with the same bottle deisgn but of different colours, ugggg, even the scents are similar!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Awesome gaga!!

lady gaga has her new mv spreading through the internet
not particularly for the music, but styling!!

13 looks in total
(as if i counted correctly)
everyone is talking about the total exact look as the finale look of mcqueen ss 2010
and walkable in the huge shoes, blah blah blah
i m attracted to her black lingerie look with the black mcqueen platform shoes
with the crystal light and freeze shoot
oh, so elegant!!

the video is really truly incredible!
worth watching and watching
it is a great chance to see the light makeup of lady gaga!
close up only with some shimmer eye shadow!!

i think mcqueen gets a good promotion in reward by sponsoring gaga! haha!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

coffee or tea?

have chosen coffee this morning
becoz i have to work my ass off(!!!) for sch work and meet my tutor tomorrow
wt the hell, i haven't work anything out for a week
i cannot proceed further for my research and design work
so confused for everything
gosh........... help........

Monday, November 09, 2009

diy #1___power shoulder + power ring

after the presentation, which was heavily crit by the critics..
i was into a very down mood
and really need sth to get me out of the fxxking architecture world

so i went to the diy paradise (sham shui po in hong kong) again
to buy some materials back

the first one i did is a tee modification with shoulder piece
(yep to join this season's battle!)

(2nd hand man's tee + 2nd hand should pad taken out + beads)

the second one is ring again!
i am a total ring obsession
LITERALLY I DIE for rings! they r crazy B-A-N-A-N-A-S!
this rose ring is the largest ring i have ever made :P
so extravagant, haha!!
i don't know when i will wear it out, not for sch definitely, ha!

(black silk constructed rose + beads)