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Thursday, September 17, 2009

philosophy beats mmj

so continue my research on
(i made this joke while i was chatting with classmates about our thesis research progress..)

i was like a girl going into candy store today
when i saw the collection of philosophy..!!
lips lips lips and the colours, omg!
it is very nice to see orange on runway or others
well, but i could see none in hk / asian skin
it is the most difficult colour to wear i can say....

they are all too cute to wear!!
i feel i m too old already.... so bad so bad

still nice without the lips :D
i m not fancy for mmj this season
just capture some nice details
(i esp hate the metallic hangbags!!!!)
ya... i intended to make a necklace like this, should be easy
i always like the format of changing material in special places
80s again
anymore 80s to be re-interpreted again?
power shoulder is used already, neon is used already, jumpsuit is used already, legging is totally flooding already...etc.
anyone likes it? errrrrrr.......
a brand named narciso rodriguez
actually nth special in it
just confirm that someone is always designing for me XD
discover another cutting for fur waistcoat from vera wang
a very valuable reference since i think the h&m one is too bulky for me
btw, my friend is having a party with dress code of "rainbow"
this is a killing dress code for archi students, u know!

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