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Monday, September 14, 2009

finally the right decision

i have been a fan of project runway, and also a hardcore critic for all seasons! XD
for season 6, there have been 2 wrong decisions made as i believe!
one is Ari of epi one, and Malvin of epi two!!
how can both avant garde designers are out in this early stage??
i was so disappointed!

But it is good to see Qristyl out in epi four! :]]]
she is defy is v old fashioned and boring designer..
it is her luck to stay until here...!

Epi one:

she should has been out becoz of the colour choice!!

l really like the back

Epi two:
this is not looking good, but at least it is sth new!

There isn't someone i m dying for..
the quality of this season is really nono...!

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