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Saturday, September 19, 2009

the oldies

i love oldies
i always think that i should be born around the 60s
when life was simpler and happier, thou harsher
like the lifestyle at that time so much
and so does the deco and fashion

recently watching some old films
and dig out this famous foreign film talking about hk, the world of suzie wong
which i think fulfil those Gwai Lo's imagination about chinese, esp the east meets west hk
havent watch the film yet, but have found some photos of the precious 60s
60s was such a nice period even Wong Ka Wai pictured in the mood for love describing the time, which i have to watch asap too!

nancy kwan as suzie wong
she was born in hk but was raised in the states

this looks so audrey tautou!

a bar/restaurant in ny using suzie as theme

ha! bullshiting! 狂喜激情!!

this restaurant selling dimsum in ridiculous price! siumai @US$13 (~HK$100)(!!)
but i can imagine people in STAC comes here, probably samantha brings them here for bar opeing! haha!

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