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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


maybe i m always too aware of the wearability of the clothings
such that i m not so impressed by MJ's collection - for a few seconds -
when i continue to browse thru his collection
damn, he is a total genius...
nearly every piece has a new idea on cutting, fabric combination and patterning!
how can i say no to his collection?

first of all, did those designers compromise for the chiffon pants this season???
i think this is, somehow, susie bubble inspired! haha!
like the collar
the repetition of the collar design to overall
the coolest one, loving it!!
this is like lines pasting on the model's body

this is from zero+maria cornejo, i like the sandal :D
zac posen, i still dunno why he is so hit..
i think this is very SATC, haha!
this is carrie
this is exactly samantha!

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princetomato said...

congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you should have opened a blog early before! cant wait to see your critical view on the fashion items~ ha! and.....i have bookmarked your blog under the "fashion" folder already~ keep up keep up~