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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

jak & jil @ hk

recent campaign of lane crawford invited tommy ton from jak & jil for some street shots
i do feel funny when i see the backdrop of the shots is hk scenes, so familiar to me
it seems so chic to have hk be the backdrop, it is kinda surreal(!) to have the nicely dressed lady in front of some noisy and busy occasions.

however, it is such a SHAME! why 99% of the stylish shots are of non-chinese? is it so hard to find one chic hk gal/guy on street? the place is cwb and central as i can see from the pics, shouldn't be that hard to find one right? this is really annoying me, someone please explains! i believe this will disgrace hk, no kidding.

4 comment:

cuhk said...

just check out their site, heavily dressed up
i think they always take foreigners, so they do tat in hk as well. and only foreigners dress up so much? @

Jowy said...

wonderfull pics!

One Love,

Maverick Malone said...

Gorgeous them <3

queengilda said...

perhaps that was the assignment that lane crawford gave to tommy? to take more foreigners?

i haven't been to hongkong in the longest time... actually, since i was 3, but i really want to go because two of my friends from school are back in hk, and i know they would SO have gotten their pictures taken by tommy if he had seen them.