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Sunday, September 20, 2009

coke zero is the best invention ever

day out
for some observations for my thesis,
i.e. random snaps
i.e. hanging around in the capitalist world, and nearly bought a wallet. too bad that it is not in the perfect proportion.

brunch with my bro downstairs, the 60s restaurant, without air con! but i still like eating here under >30 degrees c

i love my earth nail polish :D

new belt

sweet n cold thing in zero calorie is GOD!!

feeling better with some new pics here besides those runway shots.

while it is still >30 degrees out there
i m looking forwards to these
sooner or later i will make one for myself
b4 the winter comes!!

i have 0.5 yard of this faux fur at home :]]]

but i want sth like this

2 faux fur for the winter, wont be too many, right? ;D

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