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Saturday, March 06, 2010

when spaghetti meets McQueen

i came across this photo from Manish Arora earlier today
this is the first time i heard of this brand
but it gives me a bad impression unfortunately..

the hair style of the fashion show is about crazy wig
but this one totally looks like spaghetti, no?

the dress immediately recalls me the last collection of the great McQueen
from cutting, colour to pattern
nth is exactly the same
but the combination makes it thou
the sad thing here is the WRONG length!
the silhouette ends up unflattering...
shoes don't match with the dress either..

what do you think then?

McQueen Sping 2010
that's why we miss you!


1 comment:

Irina said...

wow, your flog is so good <3
nice job! i'm following youuuu : )