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Monday, March 08, 2010

a real life

there is nth better than dining out with friends and share fun
weather is good with breeze
i hope summer never come...

my alice in the wonderland nails
found out that it really matches after putting the colours on

a new mall in TST
walked pass it twice but never got the thought to go in
coz it is copying the damn LV window display last xmas
why? doesnt branding really important?

credit: freshness

man in polka dots, always nice, right?

chinese vintage dish

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i completely love your blog, this post is great.
check out mine if you wish and follow if you like :)

Irina said...

Hi! i like the pics, especially the blue nails. lovely!
oh thanks for the comment! by the way, my language is romanian (I'm from Romania) :D but i also post in english hehe..
have a niceeee day! Muah!