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Thursday, March 11, 2010

the good old days

finally the 16 looks are released
McQueen returns to the old ages in his last collection
inspired by paintings and 18th century dresses
the whole collection is nearly of Couture quality
they are stunning

interesting is that
his last controversial Armadillo shoes are said to be inspired by painting too
do you agree?
i do!

these are my faves from his last collection
personally i dont believe anyone can become the creative director of this strong brand
neither does Gareth Pugh
his design is so strong too and personal
in a sense of B&W, armed women
and Pugh has denied the rumour anyway

the show was held in the family headquarters of PPR
in Paris

basically i m in love with the headpiece
the print is a mixed collage of 18th century painting

awesome from the side

clean with a touch of wow factor

double cape
the embossment is really delicate

this is totally Princess Leia

inspiration of McQueen
"the garden of earthly delights"
masterpiece of Hieronymous Bosch

Prince of Hell
from the right part of the painting
wearing wine jars
which is very similar to the Armadillo shoes

i salute you, Lee Alexander McQueen.

photo courtesy:
source: Jezebel

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