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Monday, March 15, 2010

a fine line between...

we always say that
there is a fine line between idiot and genius
and when we watch the ANTM
the judges always say the gals look like calender gal but not high fashion
a fine line between as well

i saw these shoes recently from a blog
(In)decorous Taste
Lauren, the blogger, is highly creative and astistic
and i get addicted to the her work

These are killer heels and wedges
some with crystal clear platforms
I believe that Lauren is a Victorian style addict
she made elegant interior design and home furnishing
so as the shoes
the futuristic clear platforms are attached with elegant decoration

i really want to try on one of them

after that
i made my research into crystal platform
and i m shocked to have found them as strippers heels!
i m totaly into those stripper heels now
and wonder how they can be transformed into high fashion stuffs!
really want to order them right now!

i found these stripper heels in the TAOBAO WEB, 
kinda like a "chinese ebay"
RMB200-300 / pair
(around US$25-$40)

really tempting!

3 comment:

{ I V Y } said...

oh i waaannnnt!

Anastasia and Duck said...

YES really tempting!!!!


ling said...

they'r gonna be a big hit those transparent shoes you find look great 2