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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

project runway finale

finally finish this season after my school work
(the following contains the result!)
honestly speaking,
i am not fond of this season
no one is really stunning and has a cool style
there is no stefino, no daniel, no christian, no leanne this season!

so finally irina won as expected
i like the way she presents, esp. with the various hats
black is not a problem i think so i do not agree with nina gacia
i think irina and carol hannah should mix a bit, ha!
one is too incoherent, and one lacks colour!

irina and althea just got similar taste
and irina is too mean and egoistic to think althea copies her..

some of my fave pieces

carol hannah's cape

everyone likes this right?
but too V&R after all

i always like the mixing of contrasting textures

i like weaving

i can only say COOL!

hope we can have a better season 7!

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