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Monday, November 30, 2009

not that glowing as Oscar

saw the gowns in taiwan oscar, Golden Horse Award, today in news
really not that wow
and even boring
just can't compare it with the oscar. ha

everyone pays safe
b&w gowns are all over there
how boring!!!!

some comments below
a taiwan actress
the Lavin dress is quite nice
but she is with the wrong shoes...
i would pick up sharp colours or gold instead

another actress
i would tie up the hair
as the dress has drape

Maggie Cheng
as chic as usual!
i really like the belt, so fierce!
but she should take off one bangle, maybe the white
and tie off the sleeve
coz i think the sleeve and the belt are fighting each other
(although the asymmetric idea is quite cool)

Shu Qi
what is that on the hair?
the necklace position is so odd
i would replace with something bold
(it is Cartier and worth 7 million USD! how dare you say so! haha!!)

Li Bing Bing
she is the winner of the lead actress
ya, boring

this one is definitely my fave!
it suits the age of Kwai Lun Mei
accessories are matchy too 

Annie Liu
So old she dressed
shoes are wrong too

Lynn is the only one with sharp colour!
she can't do wrong with the perfect body
but the cutting of the gown makes her waist looks very long...

any comments?

credit \ appledaily hk

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