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Sunday, September 12, 2010

get white

The first time we have the fashion week in Lincole's centre but not Bryant Park
thou, it makes no difference coz we only focus on the clothes! haha!

not many designers presented their work yet
but one thing is noticeable
WHITE is the trend
the above designs come from Wang, Doo Ri and Rag&Bone
all are about white, flowy and nothing is tight or slim!!!
Doo Ri is going so well
I am loving this brand more and more
clean, clear cut and powerful
sth really similar to Chloe / Celine

the corset from Rag&Bone is really eye catching
it makes a great contrast with the lace and chiffon

for Wang
i am still loving his first collection more...

1 comment:

Twee + Kz said...

Wang!!!!I agree with you that his first collection is still the most wearable but the S/S colleciton is also very jaw-dropping!

Thanks for your lovely message by the way =)