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Sunday, February 28, 2010

architecture x fashion, again

well, as an architecuture student and fashion lover
i m always excited when seeing them crossing over

there are quite a number of crossover these recently years
the most frequent one must be Zaha Hadid, for melissa, puma and the unforgettable Chanel Mobile Art thing
another one i rmb is Franky Gehry for Tiffany

but these things always are so superficial
i mean
they only inject their personal architecture style into the fashion items
it is only about the FORM
and on some runway items
they call them architectural only becoz the dresses are of volume

but the following one is different
thou it is not designed by an architect
but the artist is inspired by Santiago Calatrava, one of the most influential architect for designing bridges.
the shoes are supported by structure likes bridge's
they are so elegant but strong
love them so much

Tea Petrovic inspired by Santiago Calatrava

i think you should know the architect's work too :D

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